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About Us

Vinsighte is a social entrepreneurship venture focused on using technology to help the blind and visually impaired
persons in Africa live a better and happy life.
Our goal is to ensure that those who are visually impaired do not see themselves as outcast or impotent people in the society. Our aim is to give them confidence, comfort, joy and
satisfaction in doing activities they might not have ordinarily been able to do as a result of their condition.
At Vinsighte, we have an advocacy campaign known as “Make The Blind See Initiative”, an initiative set up
to help the blind who are less privileged, especially the young ones (Ages 8-25) and elderly (Ages 60 and above) have free or discounted access to our  technological products.

Our Vision

To create a world where the blind and visually impaired in Africa walk confidently and independently on our streets, read books and perform other usual activities as everyone else.

Our Mission

To use technology to help the blind and visually impaired
live a happy and comfortable life.

Our Goal

Our goal is to reach out to about 1000 blind people with less priviledge in the next five years by empowering them with our products and technology.

Who We Are?

Our team is made up of sound and passionate persons who have burning desires to see the millions of visually impaired in Africa live a happy
life. The team consists mainly of; Doctors, Biomedical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, software programmers, Graphics designer, AI and IoT experts.

Our Model

Our products are basically; specially designed OCR
glasses which helps the visually impaired or legally blind to read texts and
publications with ease and comfort. Specially designed hand bands and leg
bands which makes use of sensors to help the visually impaired navigate or
maneuver their surroundings independently and confidently.